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1) How do I receive my price quotes?
After you submit your photos, each baker is contacted and required to submit a quote back to us within 36 hours. Then, we compile the information and email it to you. Depending on the time of day we receive the prices quotes, it may take up to 36 hours for us to respond.

2) Are the prices guaranteed?
Price quotes are approximations. There are too many variables to guarantee the price over the Internet. The good news is that around 90% of the time, the quoted prices are accurate and are honored by the submitting baker.

3) How long are the quoted prices valid?
The bakers and cake artists are required to honor their prices for a minimum of 10 calendar days. If you need more time, please check with the individual bakers.

4) Who is my information shared with? (I really don't want to be bombarded with phone calls and emails..)
That's one of the highlights of our service. None of your information is shared with any cake artist or baker. You're in control of contacting the providers of your choice.

5) How are the wedding cake bakers and cake artists chosen?
OmahaWeddingCakes.com is a platform for health department compliant wedding cake designers to offer their services to brides within a 50 mile radius of Omaha.

OmahaWeddingCakes.com accepts wedding cake designers based upon 2 key items: First, they are required to carry a current health department permit. Second, they must provide proof of liability insurance.

OmahaWeddingCakes.com accepts advertising fees from bakers who offer wedding cake price quote services. They are paying for our service in the same manner as if they advertised in a local magazine, newspaper or a on-line banner ad.

Because they are an advertiser, you are required to perform you own due diligence for the bakers who submit price quotes. We do not screen the cake designers for their artistic abilities or their baking abilities. We do not guarantee the workmanship or integrity of any baker or cake artist who provides price quotes. We do not represent any baker as an agent or representative. Any problems or issues you may encounter with a baker will need to be remedied through and with the baker. Please read our terms of service for further information.

6) Why do some bakers respond with price quotes and others don't?
While there are many reasons, here are the top 7:

1) They cannot handle any more orders for your particular date.
2) They have a minimum price or serving amount that has not been met.
3) They do not have the skill to recreate a specific design.
4) Your reception site is outside their delivery area.
5) The baker is closed for vacation, a particular weekend, holiday or personal reasons.
6) The baker is backlogged with more requests for price quotes than they can handle.
7) The designs you submitted do not interest them.

7) Can I make changes to the cakes in the photos or do I have to get them the way they're shown?
Every cake artist is happy to make changes for you. However, to keep our process from being overly complex, the price quotes will be for the same cake shown in the photos. Speak with the cake artists of your choice about the changes you have in mind at your consultations.

8) Will I get a price quote for every picture I submit?
Bakers will respond with price quotes for the photos they feel comfortable recreating and have the time to make. There is no requirement they give you prices for each one.

9) Can I submit more than 4 photos?
Sorry, 4 is the limit. Keep in mind, it takes a lot of time and effort to price photos. Please be respectful of their free service. Also, it shouldn't take more than 4 photos to see who is able to create the type of design you're looking for at a price within your reach.

10) Can I submit groom's cakes photos in place of bridal (wedding) cakes?
You can submit both bridal and groom's cake photos in the same email. Just be aware, most cake artists are not willing to do your groom's cake without first having an order for your bridal cake. You'll be better served if you choose a cake artist for your bride's cake first and then discuss your groom's cake.

11) How many bakers typically submit quotes to me?
It can vary from 0-10. It depends on the factors discussed in question 6.

12) Can the photos be in any format?
Please send jpeg format only. Please do not send a pdf file or any type of graphic format such as photoshop. Most bridal cakes or groom's cakes photos on the web will be in a jpeg format. If you use a photo from a magazine and scan it, save it as a jpeg file.

You can also mail photos and a self addressed stamped envelope for price quotes via

PO Box 24370
Omaha NE, 68124.

Please allow 3 weeks for a response.

13) What else do I need to know besides the price to choose a baker?
We suggest getting a copy of "The Ultimate Brides Guide To Wedding Cakes" or go to WeddingCake.org and read their advice.

14) I have a question not addressed in the FAQ section, how do I get an answer?
Call and speak with a live wedding cake consultant Mon-Fri 10am-4pm CST or email a question to assistance@omahaweddingcakes.com. A consultant will respond ASAP. (There is no fee for this service.)

15) I am looking for a custom one-of-a-kind wedding cake. Does your service help me find qualified cake artists?
Yes! Simply find a few wedding cakes on-line that are representative of the type of unique style you're looking for and email them. The bakers who have the skill and time are the ones who will respond.

16) I am looking for a very simple wedding cake with polka-dots and a ribbon around each tier. Is that too simple to submit for a quote?
No! Just like the previous question, submit a few on-line photos of cakes that are similar to what you have in mind. The bakers who are interested will reply with their best prices.

17) While your service may be great to save me time shopping and making appointments with the bakers, it doesn't address how their cakes taste. How can I tell?
After you receive your quotes, you'll need to schedule appointments to "taste-test" cakes from bakers you feel the most comfortable visiting. Then your decision can be based upon who has cake flavors you enjoy, the talent they possess, and their overall pricing.

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