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*Fast Reply: Our Omaha area wedding cake bakers respect your time, so you'll receive custom quotes, FAST.

*Best Service Available: It's a FREE no obligation service dedicated to helping you receive a delicious and beautiful wedding cake at an outstanding price.

*Cutting-Edge Advice: We use up-to-date research from industry leader WeddingCake.org to ensure you're getting the BEST guidance available.

"I saved over $350 and was super happy with my choice of wedding cake bakers. My cake tasted awesome and it looked gorgeous."

Sarah H. Omaha

Our Bakers Understand You Are Looking For
Wedding Cakes At Outstanding Prices.

According to research conducted by WeddingCake.org, 84% of brides are looking for wedding cakes that are trendy and average in price.

Of those brides, the price range in the Omaha area tends to be between $2.00-$6.00 per slice of cake.

In other words, 4 out of 5 brides want a nice wedding cake, but don't believe it needs to look like it belongs in a cable TV competition.

Of the other 16% of brides who are looking for original or unusual designs, the price per slice tends to range between $5.00-$18.00.

Brides love our service, because every bride:

  • Desires to get the most for their money
  • Likes to use an easy and convenient method to compare bakers
  • Prefers to work with a recognized wedding cake baker

In addition, our bakers recognize the economy has made it difficult for many brides to have their dream wedding cake.

Our bakers believe by offering their best price via our service, it's a win-win situation for everyone. You're able to conveniently compare bakers to find one within your means and they are delighted to serve you.

Keep in mind, the talent of the bakers you'll be receiving quotes from cover different levels of skill and experience. The simpler the cake, the more quotes you'll receive. The more difficult the design, the less quotes you'll be given.

These special wedding cake artists will be serving you from a 50 mile radius of Omaha, which includes retail bakeries, select grocery store bakeries, cake boutiques, and cake artists working from their home.

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